AMC Huts: Making Bread

AMC Huts: Making Bread August 2nd 2011

Steeped in more than 100 years of tradition, the AMC’s network of mountain huts provides a unique backcountry adventure for novice and experienced hikers alike as well as convenient lodging for Appalachian Trail hiking. Each a day’s hike apart along the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, AMC Huts offer mountain hospitality in spectacular locations above treeline or near mountain lakes or waterfalls.

Every day the individual Croos prepare fresh meals for the guests enjoyment. From bread to dessert the 5 course meal is created with expertise and care. Here is a the process of baking challah.

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3 responses to “AMC Huts: Making Bread

  1. Barbara

    I love the huts too and really enjoy this video Anders. Have tried to find the music…can you tell me more about the artist and the song so I can download? thanks

  2. Barbara

    thanks Anders! Happy holidays and keep up the great work.

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